I love flowers. I mean, I really love flowers. especially fields with flowers as far as the eye can see. these fields are within a half hour from us!!!!! we got coffee and a cake pop and made the drive, and it was well worth it! Forest had fun collecting dirt clods and waving at the tractor man, and I had fun smelling the blooms and taking in the beautiful colors. so so incredible.

fun fact: he loves flowers, and had a hard time not picking any here. he loves to pick flowers for me ("mama, FOW." as he hands me a handful of squished flowers), which is something Zach taught him, and might be the very sweetest thing I could imagine. (PS: he had just came upon up his second clod of dirt when this photo was taken.)

fun fact: the reason I always take selfies with Forest is because later on in life, I want to have photos of me with him, and I never really get photos with him unless they're selfies! I'm totally cool with that though! (PS: close-up of the dirt clods)

fun fact: he took those dirt clods home with him and crumbled them in the car. and also ate a couple bites.

thank the Lord for beautiful blooms.