The time has come.

My closet is messy and overwhelming, getting dressed has become such a chore, and I'm always looking to buy more clothes. I can fully admit that I am an emotional shopper -- I shop when I've had a bad day or when I feel bad about myself or when I'm stressed or when I think I "deserve" new clothes. Not because I am in need of new clothes, or even really want new clothes, but because its an emotional response to stress or sadness or boredom. I do not need any more clothes. but now my closet is full of clothes that really aren't my style, they are what I want to love and wear all the time, but just aren't me. The clothes I do love are the same three or four outfits on repeat -- they are comfy, I love how I look in them, and they are totally me. 

Our society is stuck in such a consumerist mindset -- always trying to convince us we need this dress or that bag or this pair of shoes. We get emails from companies daily, telling us that once we have this item, we will be set. Life is not complete without this perf blouse. We see photos on Instagram or blogs of people with perfect style and tell ourselves, "hey, I need what she has, in order to be happy/cute/trendy/etc!" 

But YOU DON'T.  A new shirt will not bring you actual joy. More shoes will not complete your life. that perf dress that would make the best Instagram post is not going to add real value to your life. spending more money on things does nothing for you but drain your bank account. and who needs that?!

All that to say, I really like my own style, but I have too many clothes, and I spend money I shouldn't, to shop for things I don't need (or even want).  

So for all of those reasons, I am simplifying and committing myself to a summer capsule wardrobe! (If you are unfamiliar with what a capsule wardrobe is, check out Un-fancy and Be More With Less! both have some really good info and resources for starting a capsule! ) Starting June 1st, I will live off a 37-piece closet, including shoes. The rest of my clothes are either winter clothes and will be going in a container in the garage, or are being sold through my Poshmark.  and let me just say, it feels so good to get rid of clothes I don't wear! such a freeing feeling! plus, my closet is more tidy, 

anyways, without further ado, here are (some low-quality photos of) my picks for my summer capsule wardrobe!

SIX SHIRTS // grey tee, striped tee, sage embroidered tee, blush swing tee, black long-sleeved swing shirt, striped swing shirt, red button tee

SEVEN TANKS // black tank, plaid button tank, sage tank, grey tank, mustard tank, blush drop-waist tank, and (not pictured) stripe tank.

SIX DRESSES // blush lace slip, black midi dress, lace white dress, floral slip, embroidered sage dress, lace slip

THREE PANTS, ONE SHORTS, TWO SKIRTS // black skinny jeans, dark high-waisted jeans, light high-waisted jeans, denim cutoffs, mustard midi skirt, floral skirt

EIGHT OUTERWEAR // denim vest, white dusters, mint pullover, slate cape cardigan, tan cardigan, red flannel, mauve pullover, army jacket

FOUR PAIRS OF SHOES // clogs, Birks, Saltwaters, huaraches

I will be documenting my capsule throughout the summer, sharing advice + outfits, and talking about what works and doesn't work for me! We will also be talking about it on the podcast!

xoxo, Han

PS: If you'd like to see my previous capsule experience (which didn't actually go very well), here you go