man oh man, like always, life has been crazy! we recently moved, and as anyone with a toddler knows, basically everything takes at least twice as long as it normally would, when there is a sweet little angel running around. so that was a very busy time for us. plus its definitely springtime on the central coast and flowers are blooming and we gotta see all the flower fields before we lose them to the inevitable California drought! so we've been doing lots of hiking and exploring as well! anyways, here are some photos of life lately for us! [you could also check out our podcast, via the tab at the top of the page, for another idea of what life is like for us these days!]

Shell Creek Road in Santa Margarita -- fields upon fields of flowers!

I got to go to Point Reyes with my sister and some of her friends and it was INCREDIBLE. definitely one of my favorite spots in CA!

Easter photos, of course!

he walked most of the way and then asked to be carried and then fell asleep in the Ergo! i felt very accomplished!

I took my boy up to Figueroa Mountain last week to see the flowers and mountains and trees! it was so incredible, we had to take Zach there -- saving those photos for another post!

we LOVE our new neighborhood. we are within walking distance to two different parks and go on walks every day, sometimes multiple times! Forest has recently been very interested in picking flowers and excitedly bringing them to me, saying "mama, fow!!" Zach has been teaching him to do that and it absolutely melts my heart!

more to come soon! thanks for bearing with us! check out the podcast!