Lower Yosemite Falls!!


we were joined by our good friends, and two of Forest's honorary uncles, Titus (far left) and Miah (far right), and Max, who is Miah's friend from Germany!

Upper Pines campground in the Valley is a pretty rad place to camp! the sites are really close together, and I'm told they fill up really fast in the summertime, but we had a pretty good-sized section to ourselves!

we get asked a lot about why we take a baby camping and the answer is cause we love camping and the great outdoors and want to teach Forest to love it too! we've definitely had to adapt a lot, and it is not easy, that's for sure. but this time camping with Forest was actually really great! he was such a trooper and went along with anything and everything, including snow and rain and loud neighbors! for all the difficult things there are involved in camping with a baby, the rewarding things are far greater. this little person has seen what I consider to be the most beautiful place on earth, at age 1! anyways, we plan to do a podcast and separate blog post specifically on camping with a baby/toddler, so stay tuned for that!

THIS HIKE WAS SO MAGICAL. we had planned for snow, since the forecast said snow all three days, but we were not prepared for how incredible it was being surrounded by giant fluffy snowflakes on our hike up to Vernal Falls!! We didnt even care that we were basically soaked through to our base layers. It was Forest's first time experiencing snow, so it was really cool to see him watching it all.

Vernal Falls!

the next morning, we cooked breakfast here with this view -- partially because its beautiful, but mostly because the wind through the pine trees surrounding our campsite was causing a lot of snow and ice to be dropped on our heads!

Forest's favorite part about snow: you can eat it

I could get used to having my morning coffee with this view!

I know we've talked about this a lot but it truly is incredible getting to show Forest the world. getting to teach him new things and watch him see things for the first time and take him to our favorite places -- there's nothing like it! he obviously doesn't completely get it yet, but he will grow up knowing how to camp and how to respect and appreciate and love this earth, the incredible creation that fills it, and hopefully, our wonderful Creator.

waterfalls everywhere!!

and that concludes our first Yosemite trip as a family of three! hopefully the first of many!


PS: here is the best photo of the trip. our lil sour patch kid. xoxo