nine (and a half!) months old

this is late, again! and by late, I mean he is about to be ten months in less than a week! whoops. 

at nine/ten months, Forest:

  • has dark blonde hair and brown eyes
  • walks, runs, and climbs! he actually took his first steps just after eight months and is a full-blown walking human now! its so so fun to see. but then the climbing started and now I basically follow him around all day, moving him out of danger and taking him off chairs and coffee tables that he's climbed upon. thats probably why this blog post is so late! 
  • eats like a football player. seriously, this kid is always eatin! his current faves are string cheese, grapes, bananas, polenta, beans, cheese puffs, and pasta. he has also gotten very honest and sticks his tongue out after spitting out food he doesn't like! and he throws chicken whenever we give it to him, so thats fun.
  • says mama and dada (and it is heartbreakingly sweet)
  • loooves crunching food in his front teeth
  • has quite the fascination with dogs and the ocean and ceiling fans
  • loves to play with balls and water bottles and books
  • loves shutting doors ?
  • loves to run down the hall with his arms up and mouth open
  • has figured out how to take off his diaper and is always naked when I go to get him from his naps! its only been disastrous twice (haha)
  • loves to play bite and chase us around pretending to bite us
  • has (sort of) learned what the word "gentle" means (and that he needs to stop flailing his arms or scratching our faces or dogs or other kids) and is learning to say "please" in sign language when he wants food!
  • went to the nursery for the first time ever and did great! I cried though, it was rough.
  • is so much fun! I'm serious, the amount of personality this kid has astounds me! he is so funny and sweet and feisty and curious and energetic and determined. it makes me so proud to be his mom. and I've always heard people say that -- "I'm so blessed to be his mama!" and I was like yeah ok, but I really truly honestly understand that now. I am SO proud of the little person he is becoming and so so glad that he's a part of our family.

we love ya so much, kid!!