we have been so crazy busy lately and I hate/love it! between me planning/stocking up for the relaunch of my business (at the end of September! more on that soon!), our trip to Oregon to bring Zach's sister Zailey up to college, and just regular life stuff, time has flown by! Forest is walking (read: running) and I am busy crocheting and Zach is rocking the youth pastor thing. plus summer is over and it is the first of September! if only the weather would cooperate with my desire for layers and boots and hats!

I've got a few things planned for this month but here are some bits and pieces of life for us lately!

my baby sister turned 21 last month and I got to take Forest up for her party! it was a beautiful backyard party with drinks and good food and good conversations!

something i'm really learning as a mama is that alone time is very important and very hard to come by, especially with Zach working as much as he does! when he gets home, I want to hang out with him and eat kettle corn and drink beer and watch Friends, not go off on my own. usually when I do get time to myself, I'm not really sure what to do? go to Target and walk around aimlessly? go to the yarn store? sit in the car listening to music?  so a few weeks ago, we were planning to go see the sunset together as a family and for whatever reason, Zach and Forest decided to stay home. I went to my favorite spot, Pirate's Cove, and got to walk around on the trails and pick flowers and think thoughts and take some photos and breath the salty air and see the sunset all alone, and it was heavenly. peaceful and beautiful and so refreshing. 

he had his first taste of in-n-out! it was a grilled cheese and he loved it!

I got to take baby bear on an adventure last week, just him and me! we used to go on these little day hikes all the time but have been SO busy lately with traveling and the reopening of the shop. so we needed a break and we headed up to Montaña de Oro and hiked around on the cliffs!

I tried to take my classic #placesandflowers photo, he had other plans....

here is a tiny sneak peek of the new Han-Made line, coming September 25th! for more updates, follow @han_made on instagram!

we had a perfect sunset dinner date by the sea a few weeks ago! it was one of those dates where afterwards, we were like, "ohhh yeah, thats why I married you. you're the funnest person ever and easy to talk to and super cute." we don't get many of these date nights but when we do, they are good. oh yeah, and the sunset was incredible. highlighter colors. the photo doesn't do it justice.


I'm hosting a giveaway with my friend Kristin to celebrate fall and the opening of her Etsy shop! head on over to my instagram (@hannaoliviaway) for details on how to enter!