it's been awhile! here are a few photos, just bits + pieces of our life the last few weeks!

on the Fourth of July, as per tradition, we had brunch with Zach's whole entire family at Spyglass Inn, right next to the sea! (also that statement "as per tradition" sounds really strange in my head and I just googled it and apparently its right?) we got to sparkle some sparklers at night with the aunties! aaaaaand Forest hates sparklers. who knew!

a few weeks ago, we hiked Valencia Peak at Montaña de Oro State Park. it was a four-mile round trip hike and we meant to hike as the sun was setting but got there a little too late and got caught in a bunch of fog. we weren't complaining at all though, it was beautiful and majestic (and just a little bit eerie)! also, it was Forest's first time hiking an actual mountain and he slept the entire time! classic baby move.

we've recently started another tradition in our house, and its called Saturday Muffins. basically, I bake muffins on Saturday mornings and we eat them throughout the day and week until they're gone! so far, I've only made blueberry streusel (twice, because they are incredible. i use this recipe and love it) but I plan to try as many different kinds as I can! banana, maple walnut, blackberry, chocolate hazelnut, pumpkin -- I've got ambitions, man!

this beanie is a sneak peak of my new Han-made line, of beanies and headbands for babies, kids, and regular grown up peeps (which will hopefully be launching at the end of September)! for more sneak peaks, updates, and launch date info, follow along on instagram with the username @han_made !

my 25th birthday was a few weeks ago and it was a great day! I got to eat strawberries at the park with Forest and go to the Farmer's Market in SLO (my fav!) with my family. I also got these pretty potted succulents from Zach's sweet grandma!

our best friends, Julie and TC, had their baby boy Zeke on the Fourth of July! we got to meet him a few days later and he is so perfect and tiny and wonderful! this photo of Zach and TC with their sleeping babes was totally unplanned but so perfect. we've known these friends for almost seven years and its crazy to think how many life changes we've gone through already together, and the ones we have yet to come! friends like these are hard to come by and we are so so thankful!

this necklace = the easiest. i got paint and some cord from JoAnn's and painted some wooden beads I found in our closet and voila! a sassy statement necklace!

park dates with mr. forest way have become a daily thing around here! snacks and fresh air and snugs and crawling around eating dirt and grass and sticks -- what more could a baby boy want?!