worn 7/31

I've been going through a phase, a need-to-chop-my-hair phase. I have really wanted to cut it all off for about six months now but have refrained because it took me soooo long to grow it out and because its pretty (sometimes) and because last time I chopped my hair, I regretted it so much. but here's the thing: its tangly and hot and my kid pulls it 24/7 and I rarely do anything with it, simply because I don't have a ton of time, and I think I just need a change! but also if I do cut it, will I look at photos like this and cry because I miss my hair? will I have time to do the new hair?? where do I go from here?? does anyone else go through this turmoil??

worn 7/31

anyways, it was a cloudy morning and a sunny afternoon and here's what I'm wearing today. really, what I wear most days. jeans and a knotted tee with a long cardigan.

tee: Old Navy (I have it in three colors and love it)

cardigan: accidentally took it from my mama!

jeans: Levi's, always

necklace: vintage (got it from the Treasure Island Flea Market in SF!