eight months old


our wild child is eight months old! he is such a little ball of energy, man! so happy, so curious, so crazy. he brings us so much joy and entertainment! he is still talking and smiling constantly -- and so charming! like, purposefully charming! when we go grocery shopping he flashes his toothy lil smile at people passing by us and talks wildly. he crawls very quickly now, and makes messes everywhere he goes. he is so much fun to be with and I'm glad he's who I spend my daytimes with.

at EIGHT MONTHS, Forest:

  • is the happiest kid
  • weighs probably around 24 lbs and is TALL 
  • has eight teeth
  • talks /yells constantly
  • still blows bubbles and spits, and now, does this clicking noise with his tongue! its pretty cute.
  • BITES US. we are not really into this one, but he thinks it is a lot of fun for some reason (maybe because of our shocked/outbursty reactions?)
  • smiles at everyone who looks at him (especially strangers)
  • is SO CURIOUS. endlessly curious.
  • never sits still. this kid is not a snuggler at all, unless I am feeding him or he is asleep/reallllllly tired!
  • crawls like a pro (happened right after he turned six months, actually!)
  • pulls himself up to standing like a pro (happened the day he started crawling)
  • can stand unassisted for close to a minute (until he gets too excited and starts flapping his arms!)
  • has started to throw, what we think is, mini-tantrums
  • makes messes constantly : pulls books off the shelf, takes all the toys out of the crate riiiight after I have finished putting them in, rips any paper (or books) he can get his hand on -- that sort of thing
  • eats alllll sorts of foods. fruits, veggies, meat, tiiiiiiny bits of ice cream and other sweet things (he is very familiar with Ben & Jerry's), fruit & veggie puffs
  • looooves bananas and watermelon and blueberries and cherries and especially strawberries
  • is learning how his hands can feed him! at first, he would get a small piece of food in one fist and bring that hand to his mouth with his other hand and somehow, get his thumb in his mouth instead of the food! (its really fun to see him getting better and better at this, and to introduce delicious new foods to him!)
  • sleeps in his own room! this also happened shortly after his six month mark. it was heartbreaking for all of us at first but is so so good now! (he still somehow makes his way into our bed in the morning, but we all love that!)
  • almost always has dirt patches on his knees from crawling in the dirt! 
  • already has the funniest sense of humor! it is so much fun to see this more and more in him!
  • has BLONDE hair! it's still pretty thin but its growing and it is definitely very light!

keep on learning, baby boy! it is so much fun to watch you figure this world out. we love you so much, kid. (PS: I AM SO SORRY, I completely forgot about your seven month photos and post. however, you are even more fun now, than you were back then. please forgive me.  love, your mama bear)