worn 6/8

So it turns out I am not that great at the whole fashion blogging thing! I really wanted to keep updates of my capsule wardrobe and share the process but I just don't have time to take photos of my outfits very often! I am running after a very fast crawling baby most of the time or kissing my cute husband and don't feel like stopping to awkwardly pose for photos. so I will try to document better, but I'm not making any promises!

anyways, for the capsule wardrobe, I decided to change some things up at the start of June. My original plan was to go till the end of spring, June 21st, but I kind of chose too many T-shirts and casual items and not enough girly and more dressy items so I decided to switch a few things out on June 1st! Some of you might think, "what a loser!!!!! she didn't even do her capsule for the full season!!!! thats cheating!!!!!" but I don't actually care that much! it was becoming a chore with the rules and I was just wearing the same T-shirt and jeans everyday and feeling like a frumpy ol mom! So i changed some things and its going way better! I still have only 40 items in my closet currently, and might just continue to switch out a few items at the start of each month. we will see!

Forest wanted to show off his legs. shorts and onesie are both from Gap!

look at those teeeeth!

shirt: Free People

vest: Levi's

Jeans: Levi's 

shoes: Saltwater Sandals

sunglasses: Target (two years ago)

hair: haven't washed it in like four days

cute baby: me + husband + Jesus