easiest mint cold brew

I've been dreaming about this mint cold brew ever since the last time I went up to the Bay Area to visit my family. there is a new coffee shop that just opened up about a month ago in Walnut Creek called Coffee Shop (both my mama and my youngest sister work there)-- they have so many amazing drinks and pastries and foods, plus they use coffee from companies and roasters all over the world! their Minted Cold Brew is probably the greatest coffee drink I have ever had in my life and since I don't live near the Coffee Shop, my sister Kirsten and I decided to make some for ourselves when she came down to visit this past week.  its the perfect refreshing summer-y drink!

for this recipe, you'll need to make the cold brew and the mint simple syrup ahead of time. there are a ton of recipes out there for the perfect cold brew or iced coffee but the simplest one that I know is to let 1 cup of grounds sit with 4 cups of water in the fridge overnight and strain through a cheesecloth (see here). as for the simple syrup, boil equal parts sugar and water (we did 2 cups of each) and when it gets to a boil, add fresh mint leaves (we did 10-12 leaves) and remove from heat. after it is cool, strain the mint leaves and pour into some sort of container for storage. 

and now for the drink!

STEP ONE (and possibly the most important step): pour some of your mint simple syrup into a glass and muddle with some fresh mint leaves. if there was a secret ingredient, this would be it. makes it extra fresh!

STEP TWO: pour in your cold brew and milk of choice (we used half & half (yikes! but delicious) but I bet coconut milk or almond milk would both taste great also!) and add ice.

STEP THREE: drink with a straw and relax!

(here is us enjoying it ;)

if you're ever in the Bay Area, stop by Walnut Creek and check out Coffee Shop! if there is no possibility of that, try out this recipe!