DIY: wood wedding invites

now this is going back quite a bit, almost two years (WHAT), but we have gotten a bunch of questions lately asking how we did our wedding invitations. before we even got engaged, we knew we wanted to make our own invites (way cheaper) and incorporate wood somehow, because, how cool is that! after we made them, we had so much fun with it that we thought about possibly starting a business doing wood invitations. but then we had a kid and realized there is a 100% chance we don't have any time for it. so I went back back back in our photos to find a few to help explain how we did it!

(here's us before we got started -- stoked, clearly!)


for the actual wood:

  • thin thin wood (we used one like this from Home Depot)
  • stain in your color of choice 
  • brush for the stain
  • sand paper
  • sharp exacto knife (or some sort of saw, if you have it?)
  • ruler and straightedge
  • pencil
  • ice cold beer (joking....sort of)

for the printing:

  • custom stamp (there are tons of places on Etsy that do this (see here, here, and here)! make sure you get the measurements and design right before you confirm to the stamp-maker!
  • roller (we used one like this)
  • ink (we used a white ink, similar to these)

we got one sheet of the wood and had it cut up into three pieces at Home Depot (they do that for free there) so we could fit it in the car. we used three different colors of wood stain, because we didn't know which we liked best (we ended up liking the darkest one the most). 


  1. choose your stain.
  2. paint it on the wood.
  3. do another coat if you think its necessary


  1. figure out your measurements. make sure yours will fit all your words, fit in the envelope, and look good with the rest of your invite components. I can't remember our exact measurements but I do remember they were at least one inch smaller, on all sides, than our envelopes.
  2. draw your lines. (use a pencil and a straightedge!)
  3. make your cuts. we did our with-the-grain cuts first, since it was easier to cut -- we cut them into strips and then drew the lines (on those strips) to make the against-the-grain cuts for the individual invitations. (also, we used an exacto knife to cut but it took a lot of work. I'm sure some sort of saw would be much easier, we just didn't have access to it at the time! If you try a saw and it works out well, let me know!)
  4. sand the edges until they are smooth! the edges come out pretty rough and you don't want any of your wedding guests to get a splinter!

Now time to roll! This part is pretty self-explanatory.


  1. squirt some of the ink onto a flat surface
  2. roll the roller in it
  3. roll the ink onto to the stamp
  4. press the stamp carefully onto your wood (I say carefully because we had a ton of mess-ups! its hard to get it perfectly straight and centered but it is possible.)
  5. lay em on a flat and dry surface till the ink sets.

and here is our finished product! (I painted those yellow cards myself and made the RSVP stamp out of an eraser, and also tied them all together while watching Friday Night Lights!)

hope this is helpful! make sure you comment if you end up using this tutorial, I'd love to see your results!