we've made it a priority to go camping at least once a month. we got to take a break in the middle of the week and headed up to Big Sur, to our favorite spot, for a quick + spontaneous overnight trip. we hiked a ton and came back so refreshed. well worth it!

we just got an Osprey Poco backpacking baby carrier and got to take turns trying it out! Forest really liked it and it was super comfy for us too.

OH also he is crawling now! so you could say life is pretty crazy.

lovin life

easy camp dinner: beer brats, chopped salad (one that is fine being stored with the dressing on, preferably), berries, and beer

easy camp breakfast: banana bread with almond butter, yogurt and granola, and berries. we also sometimes just have instant oatmeal!

our fav!

coffee and chai

Limekiln State Park -- there are creeks and waterfalls and redwoods and it is magic. go if you every get the chance! it is in Los Padres NF but is privately owned and costs $10 to get in (and they only take cash!). there's also some pretty rad camping spots there!