trail to the beach [Oso Flaco]

I love their relationship so so much. the best of friends.

a typical breakfast for me : chia seed pudding [chia sees + coconut milk + honey, mixed together and let sit for ten-fifteen minutes. add chopped almonds, coconut, bananas and berries] and avocado toast with chili peppers and lime

this was taken by our friend titus when he and three other good friends came to stay with us on their road trip up to Canada!

mornings with them are my fave.

he talks too much during church so we've made a tradition of tailgating and playing with keys.

the best drink of life : minted cold brew from Coffee Shop in Walnut Creek

Julie and TC's baby shower!

I can not ever say no to funnel cake! [Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande]

peonies from TJ's??? YES PLEASE.

this was one of Forest's first times trying real human food! I think it was bananas, which are now his fave.