six months old

well, our baby is six months old (!!! how???) and is breakin our hearts with how fast he's growing (seriously, last night I cried while looking at newborn photos of him)! I say this about basically every stage, but this one he's in right now? totally my favorite. he is such a fun human to be around! he talks so much, to the point where we can't get him to be quiet, almost ever! we recently attended a very prestigious military ceremony for a family member and he was babbling non-stop! I was holding him in the back trying anything I could to distract him and get him to quiet down but noooope. he was fascinated with everything I did and had to let the world know, loudly.  he has a large range of sounds and volumes and pitches that he likes to use, so it is a lot of fun, when we aren't in quiet settings like military ceremonies and church and things like that.

at SIX MONTHS, Forest:

  • weighs around 18 lbs
  • is a pro at fake coughing
  • has figured out how to spit and blow bubbles
  • sticks his tongue out to help with the bubble blowing sometimes
  • has two bottom teeth (they are actually shark teeth, I think)
  • talks / yells / screeches constantly (way better than whining or crying constantly!)
  • eats avocados and bananas 
  • has tried peas and carrots (of my homemade baby food! more to come on that)
  • sits up unassisted
  • is an army crawler
  • spins around on his belly to change direction
  • gets up on all fours
  • loves crunchy noises like paper and plastic wrappers and bags
  • laughs at soo many things
  • is a lot less ticklish than he used to be for some reason?
  • has started to give hugs (or something resembling a hug

we love every moment with you, kid! just please stop growing so quickly !!!