big sur camping trip

we love camping, a lot. it gives us a chance to take a break from technology and work and the (sometimes) monotony of everyday life and it refreshes our souls. one of our favorite spots to camp is Big Sur -- we've found a few pretty rad campsites, off bumpy dirt roads and away from all the people, that we keep returning to. we have been extra busy lately, so as soon as we could make time for it, we headed up the coast a bit for a weekend of camping in the back our new car!

Willow Creek Road [we had to drive up that windy dirt road! the views are incredible, clearly]

Zach will be doing a post with an updated gear list of our camping essentials!

beer brats are one of our favorite camp foods!

how fancy are we?! [also Starbucks Via is pretty much only good in the wilderness. ]

we've taken Forest camping before (see here) but this was the first time he was able to somewhat understand what was going on. he was so observant and curious the whole time, it was the sweetest thing. when we woke up in the morning in the back of the Element, surrounded by Redwood trees, this kid was in complete wonder of it all! he loves trees -- stares at them, talks to them, smiles and laughs at them-- so it was basically a dream come true.  I absolutely love getting to show this little person the world, little by little. it is probably one of my favorite things about being a mama. that and the baby snugs.

I've had a bunch of people ask me for tips for camping with a baby and I honestly don't really have any? Maybe Forest is pretty low-key, or maybe it was because we were camping in the back of the Element, but it was pretty simple for us! Figure out how you're going to do feeding (whether breastfeeding or formula), keep em warm and toasty (especially the head! bring a beanie!), bring lots of diapers and extra clothes, show them everything you can! 

I've said it before and I still stand by it-- no one can make him laugh like his daddy can.

we got to go on a few little hikes with Forest in the Ergo carrier (which is my favorite carrier for hikes and walks and going to Trader Joes and things like that) and he slept for half the time. the other half, he was peeking out to see alllll that he could see.

fun fact: the wind almost blew me down the cliff right behind me.

the tailgate = the perfect diaper changing station

until next time, Big Sur!

one of our family goals is to go camping at least once a month so you will definitely be seeing more on the subject!

central coast is truly the best coast. we love living here.