mini-wardrobe: round one

this is something I am excited about.

I love fashion and putting together outfits and being creative with my clothes. along with that comes the love of spending money on clothes, even ones I don't need--and so now, even after getting rid of a bunch of clothing, I have gotten to the point where I am tired of it. I'm tired of constantly feeling like I need more, tired of spending any amount of time worrying about what to wear or adding items to my online carts at Anthro and Madewell (among others!!), and so tired of the comparing game. So I am changing things up.

After a few months of research,  I have decided to simplify my life a bit more and do a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a mini-wardrobe made up of the clothes you love to wear, clothes that are versatile and can be paired with many things. People usually have a set number of items in their mini-wardrobe and, excluding workout clothes, underwear/bras fancy occasion clothes, and accessories, only wear those items for a season. The rules can me changed or modified based on the person. It allows you to simplify and makes way for creativity, as well as frees up time and mind-space, so to speak.  [my favorite posts on the subject are herehere, and here. Caroline at Un-fancy is my all-time favorite minimal fashion icon, she is so stylin and helpful when it comes to starting a capsule wardrobe.]

As a trial run, I am just going to try to have a mini-wardrobe of 40 items for the remainder of the spring season (so until June 21) and after that, I will hopefully, transition it to summer and so on. For the duration of the mini-wardrobe, I won't be buying any new clothes at all. I haven't fully decided on the 40 items yet, but so far its looking like lots of neutrals/stripes, different shades of blue, and muted greens/yellows. I plan on documenting as much of it as possible, on here and on my Instagram, in an effort to inspire simplicity in the people who follow and read this blog. Our society is so conditioned to spend money constantly and to never stop wanting more, when, in reality, we don't need much. especially when it comes to clothes. so I hope by following my journey with the mini-wardrobe, you will look for ways you can simplify your closet -- whether that means getting rid of a few things you never wear or trying out a mini-wardrobe right alongside me. 

Next in the mini-wardrobe series will be my 40 items and how I decided on em!