five months old

this cool kiddo is five months old!!!

At five months, Forest Crusoe: 

  • has dark green eyes with a bluish-grey ring on the outside
  • rolls over constantly (all over the room)
  • can get up on all fours
  • is allllllmost sitting up
  • weighs around 17 lbs and wears size 2 diapers 
  • loves peek-a-boo
  • constantly has his hands in his mouth
  • is a drool machine
  • enjoys watching himself in mirrors
  • smiles almost anytime we talk to him (like he has done since about one month)
  • has two new tickle spots--the inside of his knees and the palms of his hands (his back is still the most ticklish though!)
  • talks up a storm, always
  • has started to sleep in his own bed, rather than ours or his little bouncer, and is in the process of being able to soothe himself to sleep (pray for us!!!)
  • has the greatest morning grump face 
  • loves his wooden elephant teether and chewing on cups and bottles
  • gets bored with whatever is occupying him (baby gym, bouncer swing, bumbo seat, etc) in about 10 minutes or less
  • kicks off all blankets, even if we cover him in his sleep
  • loves dogs, especially pulling their fur!
  • shrieks and squeaks and moves his eyebrows when he talks
  • has the most wonderful chubby cheeks that are perfect for kissing and squishing
  • loves watching the trees outside (and being outside in general)
  • has started to not hate getting in the car seat
  • loves his mama and daddy the most. 

gosh, this is such a fun age! I feel like I say that every month but he is truly becoming more and more fun with time! He interacts with us so much and is always sooo happy just to be with people--it is the greatest thing. he is full of life, he is the happiest kid, he is the definition of sweetness. I thank Jesus every single day for entrusting this tiny spunky wonderful person with me and zach.