four months old

this is a little late, but our Forest Crusoe baby is four months old! he is the sweetest little kid. he is very tall for his age, just over 26 inches, and weighs 16 pounds. he has the most wonderful chubby thighs!!!! i can't stop kissing them. when he talks (which is all the time), he makes the most expressive faces, like he is really passionate about what he's saying. his eyebrows, man. also, the way he talks is different somehow, more distinguishable syllables maybe? he is the most talkative in the morning when we lay him in between us on our bed. he loves pulling Zach's beard, more than mostly everything in life! he learned how to roll over (onto his tummy first, and then onto his back), after a few days of practicing so much! he smiles all the time. i could just look at him or say his name and he'll (usually) crack a big ol smile, complete with drool and everything. he laughs so so much and sometimes, at the strangest things--like us pretending to drop him or when I give him thousands of kisses right in between his face and his shoulder (some would call this the neck but his chins completely cover his). he grabs small things and can hold onto them pretty well. he especially loves his yellow bunny toy and stuffed jackalope and Sophie the giraffe. he just got a bouncy chair/swing? (the ones that hang from the ceiling) and LOVES it.almost all his baby hair is gone and his new hair has started coming in light brown, some parts are blonde! his eyes are dark grey on the outside and greenish on the inside.  he kicks and punches so ferociously when he lays on his back, and he gets the most serious look on his face! his legs and core muscles are super strong and I feel like he will be crawling very soon! he loves going on adventures with us--this month we went all over the central coast and also up to san francisco! it is the sweetest thing getting to watch him experience life and observe the things around him. it is going by too fast (which makes my heart hurt) but it is so fun experiencing all these new things with him. we adore this kid.