OH HI, I realize that there have been zero blog updates for the past month, and its cause we were busy with life! here are some photos of life for us lately!

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FOREST IS ALMOST ONE. I can hardly believe it???? we had his birthday party yesterday and it was SO much fun (more  on that later). but basically he claps and dances and pretends to be on the phone and fake laughs (when he thinks you're trying to be funny. so its more of a pity laugh?) and allllllll sorts of wonderful and charming and hilarious things. 

family sunset date at Pirate's cove, one of our favorite spots


we don't always get to have date nights, but when we do, its the best. so refreshing and sooo much fun. 

I'M OBSESSED WITH BAGEL SANDWICHES. ever since Forest and I drove an hour down to Santa Barbara to visit my good friend Maggie and her family (who now live in the same town as us!!) and she made me a deeelicious bagel sandwich on a pretzel bagel, I have been obsessed. trying all sorts of combinations and bagels and spreads, its been great. my favorite is a classic BLT + sharp cheddar + thinly sliced apples, on a sprouted wheat bagel.

Forest got real sick a few weeks ago, throwing up everything he ate and had a super high fever. aka terrifying for me, since it was his very first time being that sick. we figured that it was most likely because of his molars, poor kid! but I definitely savored every bit of those baby snugs! 

we got to go on a little hike at another one of our favorite spots, Montaña de Oro! 

we don't have a yard so its safe to say we spend a lot of time at the park. Forest gets to run around and explore and sometimes play with other kids (and by "play with" I mean "hug/tackle") AND get some energy out. its a lot of fun.