life is filled with highs and lows but mostly middles.

we work at a small family business—I sit at a desk with a computer from 8am to 5pm and file papers, un-staple invoice packets, scan those invoice packets, re-staple those invoice packets and answer phones. I get up every hour (at least) to walk around the building or pee (thanks a lot, baby). Zach welds capsules half the time and inspects pressure sensors the other half, from 8 am to 5 pm. we take a walk around the block at every 10 am and 3 pm break. we get bored and discouraged and uninspired easily with the monotony of an 8-5 job, but are so thankful, and always try to keep each other’s spirits up.

we go grocery shopping every Wednesday at trader joe's—we have $40 to spend for the week but we almost always are a dollar or two over. I try to cook as healthily as I can and I love finding new recipes and making them. We have family dinner on Mondays, which now have been shortened since our birth class is also on Mondays. At night, we eat ice cream (usually cereal for me) in bed and help each other thoughtfully answer tumblr questions and go through our emails and watch netflix shows on zach's iphone because we don’t have internet (the screen is tiny but it’s ok, it forces us to cuddle hehe). we talk about our fears and worries and sometimes I cry because I don't know how to be a parent and thinking about it is overwhelming and also I have extra hormones these days. we also talk about finances and budget stuff and how we are planning to save. we usually hold hands as we falls asleep (I only like cuddling for a little bit and then I neeeed my space). it almost always takes me at least fifteen straight minutes to brush the tangles out of my hair, and every morning, I go through a list of things I can do with my hair instead of washing it (pretty sure Zach does too). we go to target for one thing and come out with five. we do dishes together and take turns cleaning the kitchen. we push snooze too many times every morning and stumble down the stairs to make a smoothie or peanut butter toast. we sometimes read a chapter of the Bible on the way to work and sometimes we forget. 

we go to work five days a week, try to see friends on the weekends, and every once in a while, we get to go on adventures.

these types of things are the middles of life—the good stuff. They can seem a little mediocre at times but it’s real life, and with zach, anything is fun. I'm so thankful for the life I have with my husband--waking up with him and holding hands before sleep and talks and fights and worries and excitement and hope and every little detail of life with him are the sweetest things in my life. Without the regular life stuff, the highs wouldn’t be so great and the lows wouldn’t pull us together. 

be thankful for the middles in your life and try to see them as a blessing—shifting your perspective can change everything.