slow-cooker lemon garlic chicken and rice


This was the first meal I'd ever made in a crockpot--I got one as a wedding gift and decided to experiment with a really simple dish. I only made chicken and rice (with garlic parmesan broccoli, cooked separately) but I'm sure you could add veggies if you wanted!

what you will need:

4 chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)

1 cup of rice (I used a brown/wild rice/barley mixture and it was bomb!)

2 cups water

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1 additional lemon

three cloves of garlic

salt+pepper (and any other seasonings your heart desires)

what to do:

put the rice on the bottom of the crockpot and add the two cups of water. season with salt and pepper (I also used garlic powder, oregano, & lemon pepper to season but this dish is super flexible for you to use any seasoning you want). lay chicken breasts flat on top of the rice/water mixture. pour lemon juice over chicken. cut garlic into thin slices and add to the top of the chicken. sprinkle with salt+pepper and other seasoning. cut remaining lemon into thin slices and lay on top of chicken. cook on low for eight hours, medium for six hours, or high for four hours.

(optional: I made a Greek yogurt sauce to go with the rice--one cup of plain Greek yogurt + garlic powder + salt+pepper, stirred well--and it was a nice sassy addition!)

it takes about ten minutes to prepare and is a super simple and healthy meal!