Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

Here’s what we brought for a 2 person 3 night 2 day trip in Figueroa, Los Padres National Forest, CA. Our Base weight was under 15lbs per person. Worn clothing was worn on the hike in, packed clothing was counted in the weight of our base weight. Granted there were a couple luxury items, and we didn’t need everything we brought, but we used everything we brought and super enjoyed our trip. We hope to have around a 15lb base weight when we eventually hike the John Muir Trail. There are so many benefits of going ultralight, you can go farther, you can hike faster- keeping your heart at a raised rate, there is less stress on your body, you can carry some non-essentials when all your gear isn't so heavy (like the camera/tripod I brought), and you can enjoy the outdoors more. I have patellofemoral disorder, which was probably caused because of overuse due to hiking, running, soccer, and biking. When I run or hike for extended periods of time, my knees literally lock up. It's especially bad when going up and down hills with added weight on your back (i.e. backpacking) for this reason (and many others) I adopted a lightweight mentality when camping, and yes I use those nerd poles (Hanna's name for my trekking poles) they alleviate my knee pain, and they double as the poles to our tent.


Osprey Hornet 32 & 46 packs

Tarptent Contrail

(6) Msr mini Groundhog stakes

(6) Nite Ize S-Biner size 0

Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z poles

Enlightened Equipment Rev. X 30° quilt

Thermarest NeoAir XLite R pad

Thermarest NeoAir XTherm M pad

Jetboil Sol Titanium

MSR fuel canister 100g

Scouring pad

(2)Sea to Summit titanium long spoons

(2)Platypus 3L bladder

Platypus GravityWorks filter

(2)Black Diamond ReVolt headlamps

Mini Bic lighter

Ka-bar Becker Necker

Dryer lint

First Aid kit

(6) Vicodin

(2) Exped pillow

Mophie Powerstation Duo battery

iPhone 5s (with lifeproof case)

Tamrac ZipShot mini tripod

Sony NEX-6 camera

Micro usb cable

Lightning cable

Veppo E-Cigar

(Packed clothing-Zach)

Patagonia UL down hoody

Patagonia Cap 4 1/4 zip base layer top

Patagonia cap 3 base layer leggings

Patagonia Alpine Houdini jacket

SmartWool Light Hiking socks

U.S. Military wool watch cap

(Worn clothing-Zach)

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail shoes

WrightSock CoolMesh 2 socks

Patagonia Trail Chaser shorts

Patagonia Cap 1 tshirt

(Worn clothing-Hanna)

Everlane Scoopneck T

Target brand yoga pants

Smartwool Light Hiking socks

New Balance Minimus Trail

(Packed clothing-Hanna)

Patagonia UL down Hoody

Patagonia Merino 3 1/4 zip top

Patagonia cap 3 base layer leggings

Patagonia Houdini jacket

Patagonia Fjord flannel

Patagonia Trail Chaser shorts

Smartwool Light Hiking socks

Han-Made Wool beanie


Backpackers Pantry;

-Denver Omelet,

-Granola with Bananas and Milk

-Katmandu Curry

-Beef Stroganoff

-Chili Mac with Beef

-Mocha Mousse Pie

-Hot Apple Cobbler

(4)Starbucks Iced Via Carmel

(4) Guinness