I am repeatedly amazed at the gentle conviction of the Holy Spirit. I was thinking about the different sins I have struggled with in my time and how the Holy Spirit has shown me things I need to change. i have been a true Christ-follower for almost five years and I can recall one of the very first times I remember experiencing this sort of conviction—it was about gossiping, which I did all the time. And the Holy Spirit just put a thought into my head that what I was saying was not kind or loving and I wouldn’t be saying it about that person if she was here right now. And then I thought about how I wanted to be the same and consistent person, no matter who was around me. And so I stopped gossiping.  I was thinking about this, among other scenarios, and slowly realizing that it was the Holy Spirit (because I would never have just thought of it myself) and this is the sanctification process and I am just so so in awe of the fact that we, as Christ-followers, have someone like the Holy Spirit to help us work on our crap. We deserve hell for these sins and yet God decided to give us the Holy Spirit to help us be better and be more like Jesus. And in all my times of being convicted by the Holy Spirit, it wasn’t like I ever felt guilty and ashamed—it’s a gentle and loving conviction. And that is so so amazing to me!! The one who created the universe, the one whom all of my sins have been against, decides to instead gently push me towards righteousness. Just one more thing to be constantly thankful for. thanks for reading this poorly-put-together post!


hanna <3