Capturing God's Beautiful Creation

I have a camera, it's a sony nex-6 and I really like it. It has wifi built in, I can control it with my iPhone or iPad and upload the pictures directly to my phone or iPad or computer instantly. It has a ton of settings and I really don't know much about what they do. I am not a photographer, and I don't really want to become a photographer, but I do want to share God's beautiful creation with everyone around me. Unfortunately, even with all the technology and advances that we have made over the centuries, there is no device that could properly represent the beauty in creation. This is a picture that I took tonight of the stars. I noticed that Orion was out tonight and wanted to see the rest of the stars and see if maybe the Milky Way could be seen using my camera (I couldn't see it, maybe I was positioned in the wrong direction or maybe it is not visible due to light pollution). One day I hope to get better at taking pictures of stars, but for now- I guess this will have to do.


P.s. isn't it crazy to think how long the light from the stars take to get here and how big they must be? Some of the stars in the picture could be so far away that they burnt out years ago but the light is still traveling to reach us


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