one of our favorites.

20140126-181747.jpgpatagonia is one of our most favorite companies, and has been for a few years. yes, its outdoorsy and adventurous reputation and stylish designs are very attractive, to the majority of people and to us, but that is not the reason we love it. there is somewhat of resource crisis happening on our planet earth. now before you call me a dirty hippie or one of those tree huggers (though I very well may be both of those), hear me out: if every human on the earth consumed the way the average american consumes, humans would be using up more than four planets' worth of resources. aka making our planet not sustainable at all. there are too many people demanding too much stuff at the cheapest possible price, which in turn, ends up being the cheapest possible quality, which then ends up becoming unusable and thrown out within X-amount of days/weeks/months. we work harder and harder for money to pay for these things that we don't need and will soon lose interest in. But the thing is, no one realizes this. No one gets that companies are in it for the money, not the quality of product. companies are using the resources of this earth and slave labor at the cheapest they can get it in order to make cheap, poor quality products. and since it was so cheap for them to make it, its cheap for us, the consumers, to buy it, thus creating some sort of appeal. but no one realizes the effect its taking on our planet, the damage it's done to our home. "We are sleepwalking into disaster, going faster and faster to get to where no one wants to be."  (Dr Peter Senge).

now this is where patagonia comes in. patagonia's mission statement is as follows: "Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis." they are currently (for the next two years) doing hardcore research to combat this resource crisis taking place as a result of consumerism. they are hiring super smart research scientists and economists and psychologists, in an effort to figure out a way to start fixing and undoing all these years of crazy consumerism.

their belief is that the simple life begins with owning less stuff. and i (along with my handsome husband) fully agree. we have started to get rid of things we don't need/haven't used. we are selling two laptops, an iPad, one of my better sweaters, and donating lots and lots of clothing (mine). i have stopped buying clothes that are cheap quality (aka ALL i used to buy). its hard!!!! its a complete mindset change, really! but it is so much better to have only a few very good quality items than soo many mediocre items.  this is what our generation and our whole country needs to realize!!

[now here are some photos of us with our most favorite and loved patagonia products]

20140126-181701.jpg[zach with his pullover better sweater]

20140126-181721.jpg[me with my brand new nano-puff jacket (thanks to gift cards!!!!)]

20140126-201054.jpg[my fjord flannel <3 (aka the softest and most comfortable flannel i have ever ever ever worn)]

patagonia makes very good quality products. they have a lifetime warranty, called the Great Pacific Iron Works Guarantee, on every item they make. that means you can bring or send in a jacket with a torn seam or broken zipper, after having worn it for years, and get it fixed for free. thats incredible. and that's a company that knows its products are good. they are committed to good quality without harming the earth, animals, or people--they are committed to striving towards these four words: quality, innovation, responsibility, simplicity. sounds pretty good to me.

so yes, patagonia inspires adventure and is pretty trendy and cool and fun. but the company's mindset and mission is so much more than cool-colored outdoorsy clothing! it is so so much more.  that is why we love it and that is why we hope you will check it out.