Big Sur

Last week we went to Big Sur-- it was Hanna's first time there. The drive was more beautiful than I remembered. California, in my opinion, is the best state (although I haven't been to Alaska yet). if it wasn't so expensive and there weren't so many stupid career politicians making so many ridiculous laws I believe it would be the #1 place to live, out of anywhere in the world. California has it all: mountains, rolling hills, forests, ocean, lakes, desert, and amazing state/national parks- it even has huge cities, traffic, and really rude people (for those of you enjoy those things, please feel free to visit LA). We went camping for only one night--we both agreed that it was not enough, and we plan to go back for more soon. the mountains refresh my soul, they restore me mentally, physically, and spiritually. The ocean calms me and reminds me how small I am and how small the worries of my life really are and how big and thoughtful and caring the Creator is.

Big Sur is where the mountains meet the sea. whenever the mountains meet the sea, I develop a loss for words and am lost in awe and wonder (and often times annoyed with loud obnoxious people surrounding the beauty and splendor).

Here is a collection of pictures that I took (along with a couple of myself that Hanna took) and although I am not a photographer in any way, I hope that these pictures display just a hint of the beauty that Big Sur has to offer. Enjoy!


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