20140115-213838.jpgBeing married really is the funnest.
we get to come home from work everyday together, and the sun is usually setting as we are driving so it’s perfect, and then we turn on the lights in our tiny kitchen and I make something for dinner, most likely quesadillas, sometimes cereal, and add vegetables somehow and then we sit together and I usually crochet and he usually reads and I eat ice cream and he drinks beer and then we brush our teeth (not together because a) our bathroom is tiny and b) we only have one toothbrush) and then go to sleep and, let me tell you, sleeping by him is the best thing. It’s safe and cozy and fits perfectly. And then in the morning, his alarm goes off at 6:45 and he reaches over and wiggles me into his arms and tells me he is so glad he married me and then kisses me on my face and makes coffee. And then when work is done, we do it all over again!