Working together

My great grandpa started a company in 1963. The company is named Wasco which stood for "Way's automatic screwing company"... I now loving call it "Way & Sons Co." for obvious reasons. Since my great grandpa started it my grandpa became the owner/president and when he passed away my father became the owner/president. I started working there when I was 13 and got paid a penny a piece (that was back when child labor laws didn't exist). After I graduated college I needed a job, and luckily the company needed a good micro assembly technician- so I got the job. Now I've moved up to lazer and TIG welding. A couple months before our wedding my father asked me if I knew someone who would be good for a receptionist/secretary because the original secretary was starting to move up into a new position. I said Hanna would be great, my dad took my word for it and offered her the job. Now we work together and take walks on break and pack lunches and take silly pictures. We are very blessed. This picture was taken at our afternoon break.